• Mid 2017


    Earlier work done on the game

  • Mid 2017


    Items, equipment, some visuals

  • Late 2017


    Ore mining, Ingot smelting, item forging.

  • Early 2018

    Character persistence

    Saving character data, some world data. Making the character more yours.

  • August 2019

    Base Questing

    Simple questing setup, npc quest givers, collection quests, crafting quests.

  • Current

  • Early 2020

    Improved Combat

    Rebalance combat, improve standard attacks, better maneuvering, attack combos.

  • Future

  • Early 2020

    Improved AI

    Npcs at as they should in towns, some take jobs to keep the towns running and generally find their place in the world. Creatures will be either hostile or docile. Some will protect their territory and some will roam.

  • Mid 2020


    Magic tiers, learning more skills, combat and utility spells.

  • Mid 2020

    More Towns

    A few towns to travel to. Start of economy with trade between the two.

  • Mid 2020

    Player Housing

    Build your own house! Own property! Run a shop!

  • Mid 2020

    More World

    Fill out a few towns, build larger regions of the map, fill it with activities.

  • Late 2020

    Improved Crafting

    Wood working, cooking, farming, fishing and more.

  • Late 2020


    Go dungeon diving! Explore some caves, find some treasure, avoid the monsters!

  • Late 2020


    Not complete but should be a game by then. We will see how it goes. Early Access on Steam.