Twokinds Online January and February 2019 Update

Posted by judah4 on February 01, 2019 Twokinds Game

Hey all, January was a busy month! Getting the demo/tutorial out has been a great motivator to get some polish into the game. Items have icons now! Anyways, here's a recap and some future plans.

I think that sums it up? Pretty busy over here. I'm prepping for GDC in March up in San Francisco. I need to record some game footage in the next two weeks so there might be an online playtest at some point. I really need to work on the questing systems and combat. I should be improving either this next month but depending on how the video recording goes we will see.

Other than the demo, there has been a lot internal changes including major updates to the networking stack. We were on the SDK for it for a long time now, but that locked us to Unity 2017. Recent changes and a new sdk, called the SpatialOS Unity GDK, allowed us to upgrade to the newer version of unity, first 2018.1 and now 2018.3. There's still some issues I'm working out to finish the change over which is why the last 2 months have been about the offline demo. I originally want to get to early access sometime early this year but it looks like it has to be pushed back until I finish more of the core gameplay.


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