Reported and documented bugs. Recently completed will be here.

Current Bugs
#919 item icon drag glitch Planned
Created: 03/22/2021 00:16:16 UTC
Created: 07/23/2021 05:36:18 UTC
Interaction is wonky with visualize check. Other Default objects seem to be getting in the way. Do vis check for near distance again.
#970 Npcs eat ping!! Testing
Created: 07/25/2021 07:32:37 UTC
Probably related to stamina gain. Check messages sent to server
#1027 All the Bugs Planned
Created: 09/06/2021 23:13:09 UTC
The game is full of bugs, fix them!
#1028 Prevent multiple logins with the same character and account Planned
Created: 09/07/2021 20:10:54 UTC
As reported by Present Fox and others, make sure to prevent people from logging into the same character at the same time!
Recently Completed