Reported and documented bugs. Recently completed will be here.

Current Bugs
#919 item icon drag glitch Planned
Created: 03/22/2021 00:16:16 UTC
Created: 07/23/2021 05:36:18 UTC
Interaction is wonky with visualize check. Other Default objects seem to be getting in the way. Do vis check for near distance again.
#1027 All the Bugs Planned
Created: 09/06/2021 23:13:09 UTC
The game is full of bugs, fix them!
#1056 Hair does not render underwater In progress
Created: 10/05/2021 23:24:43 UTC
#1071 Fix apparent character movement lag Planned
Created: 11/08/2021 20:06:42 UTC
Smooth character movement
#1086 figure out why npcs spam fireballs Planned
Created: 11/13/2021 22:08:52 UTC
#1091 Characters not loading for people Planned
Created: 11/22/2021 21:12:14 UTC
See steam forum. https://steamcommunity.com/app/1613350/discussions/0/5383485319910165809/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/1613350/eventcomments/3200365942088333478/
#1100 fix no character selected yet again Testing
Created: 11/29/2021 16:51:08 UTC
#1101 Server Do more race validation on character create Testing
Created: 11/29/2021 21:46:44 UTC
Stas the dragon...
Recently Completed
#1095 Fix laying on the table Completed
Created: 11/28/2021 08:11:09 UTC
#1096 check berry bushes after gaia update Completed
Created: 11/28/2021 17:20:27 UTC
#1093 Why is the server sliding? Completed
Created: 11/24/2021 06:48:17 UTC
#1064 Loading screen ends too early while still loading in Completed
Created: 11/04/2021 21:39:37 UTC
#1090 Disable Witchy Foxes quest Completed
Created: 11/17/2021 05:47:33 UTC
#1072 Close confirm panel if abandoning quest and closing panel Completed
Created: 11/08/2021 21:08:26 UTC
reported by Stas
#1067 Free fly camera still requires a clear line of sight to the character Completed
Created: 11/08/2021 19:46:07 UTC
#1028 Prevent multiple logins with the same character and account Completed
Created: 09/07/2021 20:10:54 UTC
As reported by Present Fox and others, make sure to prevent people from logging into the same character at the same time!
#1078 Adjust boob physics when running Completed
Created: 11/09/2021 19:07:16 UTC
#1077 Save Quest Null Ref Completed
Created: 11/09/2021 18:58:11 UTC
[UnityGameLogic22:UnityGameLogic22] NullReferenceException UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour.StartCoroutine (System.Collections.IEnumerator routine) (at <c7122f2d78c44d0cb6ccf01e7dbd5ab9>:0) BasePersistBehavior.StartCourtineInternal (System.Collections.IEnumerator coroutine) (at <b4a55b0c06604fc18083684e2fdb3000>:0) BasePersistBehavior.SaveQuestCustomData (System.String uniqueId, System.String playfabInstanceId, Twokinds.Assets._Game.Scripts.Questing.Management.QuestDefinition questDef, Improbable.Quests.QuestData questData) (at <b4a55b0c06604fc18083684e2fdb3000>:0) BasePersistBehavior+<>c__DisplayClass43_0.<SaveQuest>b__0 (PlayFab.ServerModels.GetCharacterInventoryResult charInvResult) (at <b4a55b0c06604fc18083684e2fdb3000>:0) PlayFab.Internal.PlayFabHttp+<>c__DisplayClass23_0`1[TResult].<_MakeApiCall>b__1 () (at <ced74579f1e04952bddc3257c2a9eaf6>:0) PlayFab.Internal.PlayFabUnityHttp.OnResponse (System.String response, PlayFab.Internal.CallRequestContainer reqContainer) (at <ced74579f1e04952bddc3257c2a9eaf6>:0) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) PlayFab.Internal.PlayFabUnityHttp:OnResponse(String, CallRequestContainer) PlayFab.Internal.<Post>d__12:MoveNext() UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)
#1079 Don't allow crafting if full inventory Completed
Created: 11/09/2021 23:42:22 UTC
#1080 Strip out line breaks if there are more than one in chat Completed
Created: 11/10/2021 06:33:14 UTC
#1076 ProjectileHitEffectFsim OnTriggerEnter Null Ref Completed
Created: 11/09/2021 18:57:27 UTC
[UnityGameLogic26:UnityGameLogic26] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ProjectileHitEffectFsim.OnTriggerEnter (UnityEngine.Collider other) (at <b4a55b0c06604fc18083684e2fdb3000>:0)
#1069 Level up and skill don't say who Completed
Created: 11/08/2021 20:01:50 UTC
#1070 check rocks for exp gain with multiple Completed
Created: 11/08/2021 20:02:29 UTC
#1068 Check blackberry quality and item give Completed
Created: 11/08/2021 20:00:21 UTC
#1073 Check forced disconnect code Completed
Created: 11/08/2021 22:07:17 UTC
For Jade
#1065 Rebirth Might be a full new character create Completed
Created: 11/04/2021 21:40:04 UTC
#1060 Skill Bar Cooldown not showing animation if recently added to skill bar Completed
Created: 10/31/2021 20:09:46 UTC