Twokinds Online - Version 0.48.3

Posted by Judah Perez on May 24, 2019 Twokinds Game

It's game time! Big update before going to showcase.


Character Creator UI update

Better UI and the character rotation is fixed!


Foot Wraps

Part of the improved character creator is more clothing to try on!

Basitin and Keidran can now wear footwraps and arm wraps.

Skill gain for mining

You can now gain experience and skills from mining, farming, and crafting! Make sure to use your skill points to improve your skills and get stronger! Skills will effect stats in a future update.


Data Persistance

Item persistance is back! Inventory should save (again) between game sessions. Not only items but skills are also being saved, so any levels you gain should stick around.



The quest system is a big complicated mess right now but the first quest is available!  You can check your journal by pressing [J] to view the quest. The first goal is to leave the foggy spawn area. It is super simple but it lays the groundwork for the whole quest system. Future updates will add crafting quests and the job system, quests generated from NPCs and players.


Cheer Emote

Make sure to cheer on your friends!

Other Changes


Technical Changes


This video is older, but combat was not working properly at the time. The debug sphere is really handy for checking where the attack hit area is suppose to be. The hit arc is not supposed to be the whole sphere but it gives a good idea what is hittable.



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