Twokinds Online Playtest #6 September 23-24

Posted on September 21, 2017 Twokinds Game

It's that time again, another playtest. This time on Steam!


Steam keys for playtesting access will be given out on Friday, Sept. 22 and the servers will be up sometime Friday after 8pm PST.

Official developer playtime is 8pm-11pm PST Saturday

Playtest will end Sunday at 10pm PST or so.


  • Server software upgrades!
  • Lower latency!
  • Experimental multi-part crafted sword!
  • Color changes based on metal for the long sword!
  • Maybe a shop to sell stuff?? fingers crossed



  • Client side prediction is a little wonky so there might be some rubberbanding
  • DO NOT PICK UP ITEMS OFF THE GROUND!! This causes a server crash that I have yet to find. This is due to the server software upgrade so I'm still hunting down the cause.

More details to come! Fixing things up until the time of the playtest.

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