Twokinds Online Comic Con Playtest

Posted by judah4 on July 20, 2018 Twokinds Game

I'm off to comic con! I'll be gone for a bit but I was able to turn on the game server! Grab a steam key or download the game from here
Server will be up for hopefully the full weekend but it could crash so try it early.


New features and improvements

  • Honestly it's been a long time since I wrote one of these.
  • Driftier camera. Still improving it but the camera is no longer locked onto the character when jumping. There is still some tracking I ahve to finish but it should be less jittery now.
  • Skills! The skill bar will now let you drag skills to it. These do not work yet but you can see the prep for the skills by pressing (k) to open the menu.
  • We are now using Unity 2018 so there should be some performance improvements now and in the future. This can also lead to new bugs switching versions so we will see if it was done to early or not.


Known bugs:

  • Skillbar has a ton of the same skill. Only the first one (fireball) works right now.
  • Character loading seems to be broken in game. It will randomly load you a character.
  • Fireballs do no damage?
  • General oddities I have to check out. I think game messages are being dropped or ignored. This was a quick push to get it out since my weekend is full of walking around and being busy so it does not have much polish and I was in the middle of working on stuff like skills.

Check out the forums or discord for discussion