Twokinds Online - Version 0.48.2

Guilds, wave emote and bug fixes in this update!



If you haven't seen, check out the developer interview with Improbable where Judah covers building the game with SpatialOS.





Guilds can be setup on the website!

Login and go to to create one. Guilds are provisional and temporary until 5 members join. There are no in game guild tools yet so send the guild url to have people join. Guilds at the moment can have a desciption and a tagline/message of the day.


Wave Emote

Wave at friends or strangers.

How to Add Skills and Emotes to The Skill Bar


Status Icons

Status icons now show under the skill bar. Hover over them to see a tooltip with info about what the satus is. For statuses like sneaking or combat mode, the tooltip also shows the button to press to revert back to normal.



Screenshots can now be taken directly in the game. Press F5 to take a picture without the game HUD. It will still capture the book menu and anything hovering in the game world. Press F6 to take a picture with the full UI and chat. Screenshots are saved in the persisted data path, which is in the appdata folder. The usual path for Windows is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Cookie Dragon Games\Twokinds Online\Screenshots\.


Other Changes


Known Bugs

Inventory Not Saving

How character data is handled is still being changed.




Check out Discord for discussion!