Showcase - Triton Gaming Expo Recap

Posted by Cookie Dragon Games on June 02, 2019 Twokinds Game Event Showcase Recap

Twokinds Online was showcased May 25th at the Triton Gaming Expo at UCSD. Many bugs were found but people enjoyed it!



We had two laptops setup with the game. One was borrowed from a family member and wasn't updated in a while... After an hour of updating, it ran the game on medium settings with okay framerates. The game probably could have used more polish, but getting it out there lead to good feedback for improvements.

People Playing





The server needs restarted every day or after a lot of play time. Removing items in the world helps it but there is a performance issue somewhere on the serverside that adds up. If the server is acting up, game performance degrades fast. We are going to need a round of optimization before adding more systems to the game.

People seem to be enjoying the game! We felt a lot of positivity for the game. This was our first real showcase and we had a blast!

People immediately tried to attack each other. Combat is definetly not balanced right now, so it ended up being one shot kills for everyone. The PVP is going to be looked at again and disabled for the starting area. A wilderness will be added at some point where PVP is open. We will also be adding battle arenas for dueling, fame and glory, of course. Battle arenas where originally teased in an April Fools battle royale post.

Besides optimizations, next few updates will include more quests and crafting. This should allow us to push changes with more content and not just hidden internal improvements.


We really liked the exibitor badges!


Some gameplay

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