Twokinds Online Playtest #4 August 6th

Posted on August 05, 2017 Twokinds Game playtest not steam

Here comes another playtest! This one was suppose to be on steam but some setting were messed up so we didn't get on it on time for the weekend. Progress has been a litle slow due to vacations but we are sort of on track.



  • Unified Credits everywhere!
  • Spread out npcs!
  • Npcs stop killing their own type!
  • Lots of AI ground work
  • New ore smelting crafting minigame! Keep the ore at the right temperature!
  • Different Trees!
  • Simple Minimap!

Most of the changes where behind the scenes but if it feels like not much changes you are mostly correct.


Playtest over! Please check back next week, it was a little short notice this week.


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