TwoKinds Online - Patch Notes Preview - New Combat

Posted by judah4 on June 23, 2021 Twokinds Game update patch combat preview

Hi everyone, big changes to combat are happening soon! Here is a preview of the patch notes for the next update. The update is still in progress and will be released when it's done.



Movement has been changed and there is now a sprint button! Sprinting uses stamina and can be used to break from combat or faster world traversal.


Npcs are now split into more factions than just violent and nonviolent. Foxes will no longer attack immediately.


New dances! Up to 4 available dances now.

Guild Chat

Guild chat is now available using Vivox. We are liking Vivox so far and will use it for party chat and friend whispers in the future.

Playtest Changes

We are switching to the Steam playtest feature for testing access instead of grabbing a Steam Key from the website. Make sure to request access on the Steam Store page and don't forget to wishlist!

We are also adding some Steam achievements unique to the playtest game, so make sure to get them if you are an achievement hunter. We don't plan on revoking access to the unreleased game if you used a Steam key but we recommend switching to the Playtest on Steam.

End of Discord Game Updates

We are ending support of playing the game through Discord. With the end of the Discord Store years ago and other things, we are focusing on Steam as our main platform to play. The Discord version will not be getting any more updates so make sure to switch to the Steam playtest.


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