TwoKinds Online - December Update

Posted by Cookie Dragon Games on December 24, 2019 Twokinds Game update

Happy holidays everyone! Here is our update for December.

Christmas Event

Santa Claus is coming to town, and his sleigh keeps dropping presents! Collect 10 presents from the sleigh and receive a red hat from Santa. Santa only visits at night, so keep an eye out for his sleigh. You can also hear the jingling bells when the sleigh is close.

Start the quest by the tavern.

Character Face Animations

We changed up the character mouths! Thanks to Nextament_, characters are more expressive! Characters now yell out when attacking and smile every once in a while. Emotes will show more emotions soon as well! As usual, more to come.


There seems to be a bug that we didn't catch during testing. From ItsYaBoiFury's report of it, instead of changing, the mouth was growing bigger and bigger. It has now been fixed!


Other Changes

  • Unity Version 2019.2.17


There's a memory leak causing the server to crash every other day. We've added some checks to try to keep it from bringing the entire server down, but we haven't found the root cause yet. Still looking!

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