TwoKinds Online - March Update

Posted by Cookie Dragon Games on March 17, 2020 Twokinds Game update

Here is update 0.50.1 with bug fixes and quality of life improvements!

Input Bindings

There is now a way to rebind keys! You can now rebind keys using chat slash commands. Type /binding list to see current key bindings. Type /binding set {ActionName} to save a new custom key for the input action and /binding reset to go back to the default keys.

The custom bindings are saved in %appdata% for Windows which is the same area screenshots are saved. A key binding menu in settings will be created in the future.

Combat Progress

This update changed the internal systems for combat. There is now an action queuing system to facilitate attack combos. This gives us better control for the timing of skills, and will reduce the effect of lag on combat.

Using tools to harvest resources no longer requires being in combat mode. Sometimes tools, like Pickaxes, are not held when used for gathering. This is a known issue due to how combat mode controls the holding of weapons/tools. This fix will come next update.

Admin Powers

We have some admin only powers now, flying and invisibility.

Visual Changes - Sobel Edge Detection

Previous versions had outlines on the trees and characters that didn't quite look right. This screen effect is called Sobel Edge Detection and it doesn't exactly fit the style we are going for. We are turning the visual off for now and looking for another way to add outlines to the characters.


Sobel On

Sobel Off

Other Changes

Check out the forums or discord for discussion