TwoKinds Online - November Update

Posted by Judah Perez on November 29, 2019 Twokinds Game update

Update! Here comes some tutorial island changes along with some internal improvements.

Input System

This is an internal change. Unity released a new and improved input system to better support controller input and key rebinding. With it, we should be able setup key rebinding and track if a controller is being used. We'll be using this to show controller icons or keyboard keys in the future.

Tutorial Islands

Tutorial Islands are shifting. This is the first set of changes shifting around the islands. More to come!

NPC Names

NPC names show up as they should! Dummies and foxes show their name.

Bug Workaround and Result

A bug we discovered was causing inventory to not update when it's empty! This is presumed to be an issue in the network platform. Without a clear way to fix the bug, a workaround was needed. The workaround is to always have an item in the inventory, even when "empty." Character inventory and equipment are lists of key/value pairs of slots and items. Item slots are keys 0-24 right now, and can be extended by increasing max bag space. Negative values are not used at the moment so that is the perfect place to stick a fake item! As far as the player knows, these items don't exist. Unfortunatly, NPCs drop all items on death, so they are able to drop their hidden items. That is why there are long swords all over the game world right now.

More Changes


Blog Video

Here is a blog video posted earlier about the update.

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