TwoKinds Online - 0.52 Character Update

Posted by Judah Perez on November 04, 2020 Twokinds Game update patch characters

It's here, the new characters! This update has taken a long time and blocked a lot of other work but it's done! Well, mostly done.

New Characters

The characters have been updated! Thanks to a lot of hard work the character models are now updated to be more flexible for customization and clothing creation. In addition to the character models we made changes the character creator and added character editing in our rebirth system.


We have new options for Keidran and Basitins including fur patterns and ear length. There are more color options and we streamlined the character editor. Keidran options have been simplified to a choice between feline or canine faces and selections for stripes, spots, or other fur patterns.

Character Edit/Rebirth

Character Rebirth will be how you can update your character in the future. When rebirthing, your character will keep skills and inventory but your regular level will be reset in the future. When editing, you can change your character's name, gender, and everything but race. You can treat your newly edited character as a decendent of your previous character, or just modify how you look. As of right now, level does not reset but will in the future.


With the new characters comes all sorts of customizations! Hair and ears now jiggle along with other body parts and clothes. This my be intensive for older machines with the physics calculations so there will be more settings in the future to limit the feature when there are a lot of characters on screen.

Future Work

It's stil incomplete! In future updates there will be more customization choices and more options to add like tattoos. We will be adding some presets for Keidran to select wolf, fox, tiger, and other cats.

New Animation System

Along with updated character models, we also changed how our animation system works. Unfortunately this means we are missing some animations we have previously but now we can set up combat animations how we want and add all sorts of new animations like for swimming. We will be adding more animations and actions back in later updates.

Halloween Event

Yes, the Halloween event is late! It will be running for 2 weeks until after 11/15.

Keep an eye out for a certain ghost by the tavern, she has a few things she needs help with. There are new enemies and items to hunt for!

New Lay Down emote.

New emote for laying down. It's the same animation as dead for now.

Other Changes


Please report any other new issues.


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