TwoKinds Online - Respawn Points and Minimap Changes

Posted by judah4 on March 19, 2021 Twokinds Game update patch

Patch update!

Respawn Points

There is a new spawn point by the tavern! Obelisks now mark where respawn points are. If you die, you will respawn by the tavern instead of going back to the starting island.

You may notice different types of obelisks.

Chat Logging

Chat is logged per play session and saved to your computer. Chat logs can be found in the folder next to the screenshots folder.


The minimap is slightly interactive now! Icons should be crisper and show tooltips on hover.


World Disconnect Timer

Normally when a player logs out, the game will make sure to save any recent changes to health or inventory, then remove the character and player from the game world. Sometimes players disconnect abruptly and the game needs to make sure the player character is saved and removed. The hard disconnect takes about 2 minutes to detect and save the last few things the player did. This prevents any data loss, so we don't want the player to be able to reconnect until this is done.

We have added a visible connection timer on the character select that prevents the player from rejoining the game again until their character is properly removed. This panel shows current time, last connect time, and time remaining. Hopefully this will clear up issues related to why the play button is unavailable.

We had a bug related to timezones for this timer, making the wait much longer for people in timezones earlier than UTC time. This has now been fixed so the wait should only be a few minutes at most!

Other Changes


And here's a video from Fury showing some of the changes in the update! Thanks Fury!

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