TwoKinds Online - Tavern Changes

Posted by judah4 on April 13, 2021 Twokinds Game update patch tavern combat

We were hoping this would be a big combat update but sadly that is not the case. More to be done!

Combat Changes

Check out the video above, we have a 3 hit combo! This is a lot clunkier than we wanted so we have to adjust the design a bit. The way it is now, the timing is controlled by the server so any amount of lag will make it feel wrong. Large adjustments need to be done to add ranged attacks so we are going back to the drawing board for this one.

Tavern and Town

The Riftwall Tavern and town have been upgraded! The tavern is much larger and is starting to get some furniture.

Make sure to say hi to Flora inside the tavern!

The town now has a plaza where the fountain and bank is. The villagers also spent some time clearing trees, opening up the town for more visitors.

Other Changes

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