TwoKinds Online - Shops and Weekly Quests

Posted by Judah Perez on February 23, 2022 Twokinds Game quests update patch shops

The update is here!


Shop displays.

Finally, economy! You can now buy and sell items to the shops in town or in the tavern. The shop in town sells dyes, the leather vest, and items that other players sell to the shop.

Mmm, fries.

Weekly Job Board Quests

The weekly job board is available! Quests reset every week and have a shared progress bar across all players for the week. Most quests are for crafted items that can you turn in for experience and money.

Weekly quests reset Tuesday nights at the moment.


Weekly Job Quests

Day/Night Cycle

The day/night cycle is back! For testing, night is shorter than day. Time cycles every few minutes to different times of the day.

Other Changes

As usual, please report any new bugs!

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