TwoKinds Online - AI Improvements

Posted by Judah Perez on September 08, 2021 Twokinds Game update patch ai

Hi there, it is update time! We are excited to bring you AI changes and improved game stability. No more jumping foxes!

AI Improvements

After a lot of investigation, the lag spikes plaguing the game are related to the AI behavior asset we were using. It was causing NPC loading to lag out the server and cause massive ping spikes. Going forward, we are using a code first behavior system that is lighter on the server to run. It should also be easier to move forward with the AI work that needs to be done for group combat and other improvements.

Now that the AI is brand-new, we have basic attacks and ranged combat. Watch out for the butterflies and their gust attack! You may also notice a larger fox in the area. You might want a partner to take it down.

Bug Reporting

For transparency, we added a page with current open and reported bugs on the game website. Bugs can be reported on Discord or the Steam Forum.

Other Changes

See you in TwoKinds Online!

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