TwoKinds Online - More Combat Changes

Posted by Judah Perez on August 24, 2021 Twokinds Game update patch combat

More combat progress! Weapons have sharpness, Fireballs can be aimed, and poses were made.


while working on bows, we fixed fireball aiming! Now it should be easier to aim the fireball and actually hit your target. The character targeting reticle has been changed to not overlap with the general interact target, and you can target other characters further away.

Blocking is back! Hold Right Mouse to block to prevent damage. Blocked attacks will still use stamina and chip health, but then you can retaliate and attack your opponent once their attack combo ends.

We are also adjusting stats for weapons and equipment. Weapons now have weight and sharpness that effect damage and injury rates. Higher sharpness means more injury and higher weight means more damage but also more stamina usage. Also in progress, different metals will adjust base stats so there will be differences between a copper sword and a steel sword. Item quality changes are also in progress where high quality materials will help improve the quality of equipment.

Other Changes

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