TwoKinds Online - Item Stacks and Other Changes

Posted by Judah Perez on September 28, 2021 Twokinds Game update patch

It is update time!

Nonlethal Damage and Unconsciousness

You are less likely to die fighting normal creatures. Now if your health goes below 0 you fall unconscious and you can revive in town. Only certain enemies, or PVP, will truly try to kill you so watch out!

Item Quality

Crafting and gathering items now have different item qualities. The range goes from Poor, Normal, High, and Excellent. For testing purposes, only Poor and Normal qualities are available at the moment.

Item Stacks

Item stacks at 99

Now that there are multiple item qualities, item stacks are larger too! Stackable items can now be in stacks of 99, much higher than their previous max stack of 20.

Bank Improvements

Banks have received some improvements. There is now a processing message while items are loading. Stacking also works when moving items to and from the bank.

Hats and Hair

Hats on hair have been improved. Hats now fit better in general.

Pirate hat fits better now.

And here is how it works! We have a hat mask mesh that hides the hair underneath which makes the hair no longer poke through.

Templar and Basitins

The town hall now has more people in it. Say hello to the Eastern Basitins and Templar. They are still getting set up but will teach you new skills soon.




New Ship Dock

A rather serene dock.

Over the Shoulder Camera

The camera has now moved to over the shoulder. This is in preparation for bows and magic. The camera will be on the left or right side depending if your character is left or right handed.

Other Changes

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