TwoKinds Online - Photo Mode and Lag

Posted by judah4 on August 09, 2021 Twokinds Game update patch lag photo

Here are some bug fixes and photo mode!

Photo Mode

Photo mode gives you a free floating camera to move around and take pictures with! You can access photo mode by entering /photomode in the chat. Use your emotes and take great pictures!


In addition, the buttons to take a screenshot, hide the UI, and show debug info have changed! Due to a Unity input bug, the screenshot button has been moved from Print Screen back to the F Keys.


We are still troubleshooting why NPCs are causing lag spikes. It has been hard to debug, but we think it's realated to NPCs and status effects. We've been able to improve it, but the issue seems to come back after a few days. Thank you for bearing with us while we fix it!


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