Twokinds Online Update 0.48.4 - Stability Updates Before E3

Posted by Cookie Dragon Games on June 09, 2019 Twokinds Game

This update was so big we had to split it! Quests were in the works but they have been postponed to become better content before being released. Another reason this update had to be split is so improvements are shipped by this weekend. This is because Judah is off to E3 next week, and not developing.

Game Freeze on Quit Fixed

It's fixed! Finally! This one was actually pretty bad with the game freezing 95% of the time when trying to close. The underlying cause is not actually found yet, but the game is now more forceful when trying to quit.

Tavern Improvements

The tavern now has a collider on the chimney on it's roof. Stand on it, dance on it, do whatever. The fireplace inside has also been moved around so it's no longer a floating art piece.

Discord Rich Presence

Integration with Discord is improving! Discord now shows if you are are in the menus or in the game. It also shows your character name and level.

Slash Commands

Slash commands are here! Type /help to see what's available (only emotes). Type /emotes to get a list of available actions. /dance1 is always a good one.


Combat needs improvement before we revisit PVP. In the future, the area between cities and away from the roads will have PVP but for now we are going to limit it. NPCs will be open to hostilities which can lead to bounties and PVP in towns. More work has to be done there.

Salute Emote


Stats Holder UI Changing

Depending on your race, you will now have different icons near the health and stamina bar.

Combat Visual Effects

Combat noises and hit effects are back. Maybe not as nice now that PVP is turned off but it's back!

This, but better.

Skill Stats

Some skills now effect stats. Mining and Blacksmithing so far are the only ones.

Other Changes

  • Dropping items was not saving properly to PlayFab. This has been fixed.
  • UI fixes for skill list and crafting list.
  • No more blinking when dead.
  • Press ESCAPE key to leave all menus.
  • Craft window scrolling list is now faster.
  • Walking away from signs will now close the text dialog.
  • Character order on select screen is now sorted by character name.
  • Serverside improvements to prevent stamina and health freezing.
  • Skills can be used by clicking on the skill bar.


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